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So you think you need a copywriter?

You've found yourself on the website of a copywriter and you're looking to read all about little ole me whilst trying to figure out if you need to hire me for all your writing needs. You may know exactly what you are looking for or perhaps you have no clue what a copywriter is or why you would need one. In fact, if I was a betting woman, which I'm not (my vices lie firmly in confectionery goods) I'd stake my next chocolate fix (I wouldn't, I'd never bet with chocolate) that you are already convinced that you don't need a copywriter. That it's just words and surely you can do that yourself or find someone to do it in exchange for a bottle (or crate, depending on the size of the job) of wine/beer/gin. I mean c'mon; how hard can it be?

Perhaps you've already had a go and it has far from gone to plan. Don't worry, you're here now, I promise I can help. No, it's OK, honestly, stop crying, no really, just stop now.

For those that are here by accident (is anybody really here by accident though?) 'copy' just means a block of text; handwritten or typed. So copy writing is just that; a piece of writing. If you would like to know about other swanky writery terms I'm about to use then check out the glossary of terms I've put together HERE (writery isn't on the list, it's not a word.) If you already know it all then great but don't go on about it nobody likes a show-off. 

Is it Copywrite or copy write?

If I'm a copywriter, why do I sometimes write the term as two words and other times as one? Well, I think we can agree that we all need Mr Google (other search engines are available). In order to help search engines to find me when you guys are looking for one of us wordy types, it has to be both and that leads me nicely onto SEO which stands for... oh no you don't! You nearly got me there but you guessed it, I'm sending you over to the glossary page, It's ok, I'll wait *taps watch.

What exactly do I do?

So, enough of the shenanigans. You are here now and want to know about me, right? OK, OK, I'll tell ya! Gosh, there's no need to be so bossy! I am a writer and editor based in West Yorkshire. I work freelance and my services include but are not limited to those listed at the top of this page. I write regularly for some clients and one-off jobs for others. I write for clients in Yorkshire and further afield but I'll write globally if you ask me! (I've yet to be asked to be an international writer -you can have that little nugget of honesty for free today.) I am also a poet, performer and spoken word artist.

I write about a variety of topics and I like to think I can turn my hand to most subjects. Whether you are looking for a punchy, witty, bordering-on-sarcastic tone or a serious, professional, trust-me-I'm-a-doctor voice, I can give your readers something that you should really want them to have; the desire to keep reading.

How will copy work for you?

Reader retention is responsible for leads, sales, any kind of engagement. Heck, if you can get a reader to the bottom of the page then you have gained their trust and they will want to work with you, buy from you, give to you, marry you. But you need readers to land on your page first.

This is a big part of your copy. I highly recommend a cornerstone page for every website. It really is essential. The right words, placed in the right way to not only make your shiny website shimmy on up the ranks, visible to the world but to get said world to read it and then click that subscribe/buy/book/contact button.

Just like that!

Whether you are heading up a multi-national corporation, in sales, running a charity or just want to improve your blog - I'm here and you are gonna wanna work with me 'cos guess what baby? You just reached the end of the page! 


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