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Laura Speaks

Laura Baldwin
Poet l Spoken Word Artist l Performer

Laura Speaks: Welcome

Laura Speaks

Poet l Spoken Word Artist l Performer

Hey there! I'm Laura (hence Laura Speaks) and I'm a poet and spoken word performance artist from Bradford, West Yorkshire. I've been performing at gigs in person and online for a couple of years now but I've been writing for as long as I can remember. I'm also a copywriter - check it out!

My poetry is often about my personal life experiences but I also love to write topical pieces in response to worldwide events. I write to brief too and am open to commissions. As a wheelchair user, I am often asked to write/perform poetry about disability, accessibility and chronic illness which I am happy to do. 

As a northern poet, I have collaborated with some of the best northern poetry performers and Yorkshire spoken-word Artists there are, as well as sharing a stage/screen with a few international performers too. Whether running workshops, reading at events or writing commissions, I love to inspire others with words. After all, I believe there is a poet inside us all!


A few random things to note about me; I am a mother, wife, poodle-owner and wheelchair user. I am a self-confessed God-botherer (Christian) and I recently returned to my passion for trying to keep indoor plants from dying! I have a YouTube channel where I upload videos of my work. Please do consider subscribing if you like my work. 

If you want to hire me to read at an event or to write something for you or your organisation please, don't hesitate to get in touch. I'd love to meet you! If you are looking for writing on a corporate level, copywriting for the web, speeches, blogs then please visit my Laura Writes page.

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Writing by the Water

"To write is to exist, to speak those words is to live." - Laura Baldwin


For commissions and performances drop me a line...


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