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Laura Baldwin

Poet & Spoken Word Artist

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Laura Who?

Hey there! I'm Laura and I'm a poet and spoken word performance artist from Bradford, West Yorkshire. I've been performing at gigs in-person and online for a couple of years now but I've been writing for as long as I can remember. I'm also a copywriter - check it out!

My poetry is often about my personal life experiences but I also love to write topical pieces in response to worldwide events.  

I recently co-founded a poetry organisation with two fellow poets, delivering workshops and events in and around the City of Bradford and co-hosting and producing Spoke Radio for BCB 106.6fm. Check it out; spokepoetryhub

A few random things to note about me; I am a mother, wife, poodle-owner and wheelchair user. I am a self-confessed God-botherer (Christian) and I recently returned to my passion for trying to keep indoor plants from dying!   

Writing by the Water

"To write is to exist, to speak those words is to live." - Laura Baldwin



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Untitled design (40).png